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Potential :

    Currently unfulfilled capacity to improve, develop, and achieve impressive feats.
    Even from a young age it was clear that she had great musical potential.
    Anything that may be possible; a possibility; potentiality.
    (physics) In the theory of gravitation, or of other forces acting in space, a function of the rectangular coordinates which determine the position of a point, such that its differential coefficients with respect to the coordinates are equal to the components of the force at the point considered; -- also called Potential function, or force function.
    It is called also Newtonian Potential when the force is directed to a fixed center and is inversely as the square of the distance from the center.
    (physics) The energy of an electrical charge measured by its power to do work; hence, the degree of electrification as referred to some standard, as that of the earth; electro-motive force.
    (grammar) A verbal construction or form stating something is possible or probable.
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