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Although love can be the most wonderful emotion ever felt, it can also bring the greatest sadness. Unrequited love, a death of a spouse, the end of a relationship and many other terrible things can occur in the dangerous tango of love. Those who allow themselves to love, find love in return, but sometimes pain. This words describing deep sadness of broken hearts or lonely hearts is spoken by experienced wise people. The sad love quotes are reminders of times that we have all loved and lost. Those who have felt this darkening of the heart can try and give those who have not yet lost love a glimpse through these sad love quotes. Love is an imbroglio of feelings and the loss of love makes that puzzle more intricate and quite painful. This aching is acute and describe perfectly by those who have the power of words. The sad love quotes express anguish and hurt in our hearts that cannot always be put into words. If you enjoy sad love quotes or want to know that you are not alone in your pain, then these words will help open your mind and relieve your soul of pain locked inside.
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iWise Editors Note to the Broken Hearted:

It is not hard to tell from the comments left on this page on iWise that many of you arriving here are experiencing the pain of a broken heart. While the great quotes below convey the same sentiment they do not talk about the fact that your heart will indeed heal from this trauma. You should wear your pain as a badge of honor as it is reflective of your capacity to love. Know that you WILL find another soul that will be worthy and accepting of your love. Put away your anger and prepare to move onto the next chapter in your life. One can not ignore this pain but it does go away and eventually it will be replaced by a new love. Just like a forest fire clears the slate for a fresh crop of young trees. There are many ways to find help online. If you find that you simply can’t cope with this pain and need help. Know that there are many people out there that are waiting to hear from you and give you advice on how to cope with heartbreak. There are range of support options from simple advice all the way to the worse case scenario. Please don’t stop your visit to iWise here. There are many inspirational pages that will help you see the light at the end of the tunnel you are in. We wish you a quick recovery. - The iWise Team

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